Craft Swap

Okay, I’m doing my first craft swap over at Craftaholics Anonymous, over here (stop laughing those of you who know I have a problem with too many crafts) and I mailed these guys out yesterday.  The idea is you hook up with someone you don’t know and you mail each other something  handmade, I think this is a great idea, for many reasons.  You get to make something for someone just for fun, you get to meet someone you didn’t know before who likes what you like, and it really does lend to the spirit of making things for people just for the sake of making and giving.  You don’t pick what you get and that’s part of the appeal!

So I made these pincushions, and those are little pins in them that I made by stitching over the pin head with felt.  They all have a magnet on the bottom to pick up pins, too.


3 thoughts on “Craft Swap

  1. Hi Liz,
    I just sent you an email a little bit ago, but it looks like I have my answer! LOVE the pin cushions!! How cute! Thanks for sharing pics. I love seeing what everyone made!
    Happy Holidays!
    PS the next handmade gift exchange will be in June. I hope you’ll sign up again!

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