Project #13, finished!

This is another sentimental piece, much like Roberts (Click here to see it) .  To see what Leah sent me click here “Project 13 preview”.

A kaleidoscope, a book (with the words above written on it’s own page) and a bag made from vintage material to store everything in.  I think this is the perfect way remember that day at the beach.


5 thoughts on “Project #13, finished!

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  2. Do you share instructions on how to do your projects? I would like to make 2 of these for my daughters for Christmas, which we are spending at the beach. Would love any help on what you made the kaleidascope from.
    Thank you – it is so lovely!

    • Hi Wendy, thank you for stopping by my blog! Occasionally from time to time I do post tutorials, but for now I am just focusing on making things, rather than instructing. I also do custom items from time to time so if you would like me to make something like this for you, feel free to shoot me an email.

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