Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Hop


***Update*** I made a date change in the details, thanks YCB!

Hey folks!

I love Thanksgiving, and I have a few dishes I really love to make.  One of the great things about making a great meal is that you get to share it with others and see their reactions when they taste something new.  What I would like to do is share that with some of my fellow bloggers and I hope you join in the fun!

So I’m hosting my first ever blog hop, a Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Hop!  The idea is to share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe – it can be anything you want, there are no guidelines on that.

How will it work?

First, comment here so that I know you are participating, and please feel free to tweet and share so we can get a bunch of great recipe’s to share.  I’ll contact you with a reminder before the big day.

Blog about your favorite Thanksgiving recipe, and link back here to my blog, so that others can take a gander (get it, gander??) at other great recipe’s (and blogs!)!

What will I do?

I will host the blog roundup here – just email me at liznoonan@gmail.com your link or tweet it to me by midnight, Thursday November 18th so it can be up on Friday for folks shopping ahead for the feast.  Then I will post all links and pics (if you have them) here on Friday November 19th by noon EST.

Sound good to you?  Excellent!  Let’s do it!



11 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Hop

  1. Hi Liz! Sounds great! Count us in! Quick question, though. Am I missing something or is Thanksgiving not on Thursday the 25th? Should we do this a few days before to leave folks time for shopping? Or maybe you have your feast on the weekend?

    • Excellent question! ANd um – thank god I have friends on the Internet! Make that Thurs the 18th, with a go on Friday – that way folks will have the weekend to shop! TX YCB!

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