Let’s do a soup recipe swap!

Hey all!

So I got a lot of emails and response to the soup post yesterday, and I was thinking maybe it might be nice to publish some soup recipe‘s here on my blog – are you in?

Here’s how it will work – you have a soup recipe, or two or three, whatever, no limit that you would like to share because you think it’s scrumptious.  And ideally you like to share.  You don’t have to be perfect in your ingredients and amounts, I tend to get creative with my cooking and it always turns out yummy, so don’t worry if you aren’t dedicated to measurements.  Interested?  Good!  You are in!  So, go ahead and email or Twitter me or get me on Facebook; Or, if you are a fellow blogger, just link back here to my blog that you are doing a soup recipe swap.

I’ll post a new soup recipe a day – if you have a picture, even better!


Let’s get those soup pots out and get cooking!

ps.  This would be the perfect time for you lurky loos to come out and play!  😉


4 thoughts on “Let’s do a soup recipe swap!

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