Project number 12 – time to get loaded!

er, I mean, time to sit back, contemplate contemporary art and social politics over a pinot or cab.


nah – time to get drunk people!  Check out what Trisha sent me;

it’s an entire box FILLED with wine corks, and there are more but I think she didn’t want to overwhelm me with the whole lot…and I also think her father in law covets them like gold.  They are pretty beautiful though when the wine creates crystals on the cork.

What the heck am I going to do with all these freaking wine corks?
Perhaps you sense I am taking a different approach to this project, I’m more at ease….it’s from sniffing all the corks…sssnnnnnifffff……ahhhhh…..booooooozzzzy.

Well, Trisha is a friend of mine, she used to be a friend of Adam’s but I think I have officially stolen her – even though I didn’t graduate from Grinnell College.  She’s also a fabulous editor who has worked for some of my favorite tyrants.

Trisha is the funniest freaking person I know (and she’s not even from Boston) her sarcasm rings true like the lights flicking on and off at last call – if you don’t get it now you will when you end up on your butt laughing (or crying, from laughing, in your beer).  She may be the person I have fretted over the most with their collection because she’s also incredibly smart, and  not easily impressed.  But it came to me what I’m going to make – its just going to take a little while to make it ….until then….bwah ha ha ha ha!!!


4 thoughts on “Project number 12 – time to get loaded!

  1. Glad you are doing better! I am fine, just plodding along, feel like I need a rocket up my backside at the moment, ha ha!! Don’t seem to have the time to do everything I want to do but that’s life : )

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