Project 11 Complete!

If you saw the preview for number 11 – you know that this was a tough one.  And it was/is my favorite so far.  I forced myself to make a connection between all the materials and objects Brooke sent me and I am so pleased with the outcome.  I should also say that Brooke went to Mass Art with me and is a very talented artist herself, so the bar is set pretty high here.

Here is the Victorian ink well,

Now, this is made from super heavy metal, so the possibilities are very few here and cost prohibitive…..but when I looked at it I immediately thought “door knocker, it’s a door knocker!”  and then I thought, how the heck are you going to hang this sucker?

My solution – braid the (very high quality) wallpaper and make a connection there – paper can be very strong.

Also, I included a little surprise for the inside.

It’s a little wood pecker, knock, knock!  This was so hard to photograph, it’s not fuzzy in person.  I painted on the wallpaper with oil paint so it looks really great, like a little portrait in there.

Here is the Victorian Fork Brooke sent,  again made from metal and my options are few here

this is what I came up with,

I ruffled the wallpaper by sewing it together and wrapped the almost the whole fork with it.  Here are some details of that.

I got a kick out of doing this for many reasons – one – it looks like an Elizabethan collar, for a fork, and two – sorry Brooke but I have to share this about you, don’t get mad!  Brooke is a super, wonderful, amazing friend of my sister Claire, who went to Mass Art with her and was  also a roommate for many years, she is like a cousin to me, I adore her!  When I first met Brooke three things struck me about her, one, she is gorgeous, really gorgeous, two she is genuinely kind and three – she had to use plastic utensils because metal ones hurt her fingers.  Yep.  I know. Perfect, right?

And here is the photograph Brooke sent, for some reason I only took a picture of the back, and also the cameo she sent as well.  Both of them are photographed on top of the wallpaper.

So I combined all three elements here, and this is what I made.

I looooove this.  I wish I could keep it.  It is so small, only about 4×6 and would look so great in a little spot on the wall or in a bedroom.  I used thread, glue, wallpaper, the photograph and cameo and I love that although it’s “new” now, it reads as being very old.

Some details.

What do you think about this project?  Do you like the connections I’ve made and do you feel that transformation has taken place here?  I would love to hear your comments on this one, I feel like I really pushed myself as an artist here.

Brooke, this will be on it’s way once the bird is dry, about 2 weeks.  xo


4 thoughts on “Project 11 Complete!

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Liz, you’ve completely outdone yourself! I am absolutely IN LOVE with every little thing!!! Oh, and btw, I’ve gotten over my plastic utensil thing;)

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