It started out as “organizing”…

And now I have a full blown “Oh crap, is this crap really all mine?” situation.

Yeah, I know, it’s bad…really bad.  I started out bringing up a table bc you really do need two tables to work on, one to lay things out – neatly – and the other one to do all the messy work.  The problem is that I decided to rearrange everything and now I have a big old mess on my hands.

This is what I do when I have too much to do – I organize and rearrange to clear things up because I cannot think clearly with too much stuff around.  I’ll bedestashing if any of you other peeps out there are looking for a trade.

See you later when I’m out from under my own demise.



8 thoughts on “It started out as “organizing”…

  1. I say this all the time – an organized desk/work table is a sign of an empty mind. at least that’s my excuse and I’m stickin to it!

    I just did a major overhaul too Liz! Sent two boxes crammed with goodies to the Iraqi Bundles of Love campaign and a bag or two to the Thrift shop. I could probably get rid of more but now that my fabric is organized by color I can see what I have and maybe get to work!

    Good luck with yours!

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