So a girl walks into a salon…

Checks in, happy as can be after 6 months with no hair cut and is long over due….reaches for a bottle of fancy shampoo…And falls into a huge hole right in the middle of the floor.  And dangles.  While the receptionist gawks.  And a kind customer moves furniture, and pulls her up to save her from falling deep into a black abyss of a basement without a stair to step her poor foot upon.

Sounds unreal, right?  Well, it happened to me.  On thursday and it was pretty awful.  I was fortunate enough not to break anything but unfortunately did manage to get pretty beat up and have a right shoulder issue now.  Major sad face 😦

So anyhow, my art making will be a bit slow-going over the next couple of weeks, please bear with me while I muddle through recuperation.


7 thoughts on “So a girl walks into a salon…

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