Project number 10, complete!

Okay, I didn’t provide you with a preview on this one because it’s a repeat performance of materials – another sweater!  I have to tell you though, they are very, very different!

Jodi sent me this Polo Ralph Lauren sweater that she has held onto since 1987.  I think you can see why she held onto it for so long…even though it has faded it is the most lovely shade of blue and so, incredibly soft!

But yeah, also very worn….

And it has a sun spot that looks like either a fish or a water bottle…

So I bet you’re wondering what I made with this beauty, right?  If you guess scarf, you are right – it worked well for my last project and I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.  Now Jodi can be warm and stylish in her new/old scarf.  And I have to say, it turned out really sweet.

It’s super long and I made rosettes again from the sweater.  This time I added fabric from my stash in differing shades of blue.  I roughed up the fabric to make it look older and frayed like the sweater.

some detail shots

now I can see myself all wrapped up in that scarf sipping on my tea….oh wait, tea?  did I mention tea?  You didn’t think I would leave it at that, did you?
What girl doesn’t need a blueberry teacup pincushion made from her very favorite, complete beat old sweater?

Yep.  Aaaand I put a magnet at the bottom so if she drops her pins she can simply sweep the floor, and it sticks to the cup.

Perfect for fall, keeping warm and making crafts.  Hope you like it Jodi!


4 thoughts on “Project number 10, complete!

  1. It’s awesome. I LOVE IT!!!! and can’t wait to warm myself with it. How perfectly lovely. And the magnetic teacup pincushion is perfect. Oh Liz. You ROCK!!!!

  2. Hey Liz, I am still here, just been out of the loop for a while. Been busy at work and you know sometimes other stuff takes over. I was touched that you asked about me though, thanks : ) Love the scarf and pin cushion for project 10, the blues are beautiful. Hope you are well. I will get back into the swing of things. J xx

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