a proper thank you

I won a giveaway over at my friend Dee’s blog,  Dizzy Little Kingdom

Oh man, I was spoiled!

I had to share all the goodies Dee sent because, well, a proper thank you is in order, when a fellow blogger does something so kind, don’t you think?  I wanted to share how generous Dee is, if you get a chance hop on over to her blog, too.

The theme was butterflies

A butterfly antique chocolate tin, now  a place for needles and pins on my shelf – I put a magnet underneath so that they don’t fall out

Butterfly pictures, perfect for the girls play room and not too “Cutesy” so I won’t feel like taking it down as soon as it’s up!

A whole bunch of butterfly quilting squares – precut no less!  And a backing, too.  Won’t this make a beautiful quilt for the girls and I to make together?  Or perhaps some small bags for little gifts for their friends?

And a sweet little butterfly plate shaped like a leaf – perfect to put my wedding ring on by the kitchen sink.

And a lovely kitchen towel with Blue butterflies hand stitched on it

And did I mention she also sent a little gift for the girls?  Yep, matching fairy wallets, and of course they love them! ( I have a picture of this somewhere but can’t seem to find it at the moment)

Thank you Dee, it’s so nice to have such a thoughtful and generous friend!


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