Project number 9, finished!

My friend Kathy gave me her fathers sweater to make something from, and I won’t pretend that this wasn’t a little bit daunting,  Kathy is one of the most gentle, kind and intelligent people I know…anything I make she would love but I wanted it to be special and my standards are high!  She had one request, that I make something for her daughters.

This is a picture of Kathy’s father wearing the sweater

I was touched that she trusted me with something so special to her, I mean, it was her dads’!  That’s kind of a huge deal!  But to be honest, I’m talking pure aesthetics here – this is a guys sweater, it’s red, grey, cream and not in the least bit feminine, but perfect for a dad! I stressed – a lot – about how to make this into something her girls might actually want.

As an adult I can appreciate the color palette here, but girls like, well, girlier things!  This was tough!

Well, what do you think?  It’s a scarf!  Well, it’s actually two scarves because well, it’s kind of tough to share a scarf after all.  My girls LOVED these!  Here are some more pics of the girls modeling them – and they both have two hearts embroidered on it, one for them and one for grandpa.

I made the rosettes from the cuffs and collar of the sweater and used bits of the body itself.  Those buttons are from my vintage stash and I think they are perfect!

This one I think is good for her older daughter, note the black trim, also vintage and makes it a little more..hip I think.

You may also notice I took the sweater and turned it inside out.  There are two reasons for this, one, I felt the inside made a better pattern for the girls, and the other was that this is the side that touched their grandfather so that’s the side I wanted to touch them.

I know Kathy will like this, and it’s good that it won’t be out all the time, just during the cold season (which in New England feels like all year but isn’t really) so she can look at them and remember her dad, it’s kind of like he’ll be watching over them.

Thank you Kathy for letting me make something special for you.




15 thoughts on “Project number 9, finished!

  1. omg, Liz, these are beautifully sweet and perfect! Let us know their reactions please! (and could those girls be ANY more adorable? no way…!)

    thanks for sharing!

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