Dressmaking time

The girls are going back to school next week and I’m looking over the photos from the last year of the dresses I’ve made for them…cannot believe how much they grow!  For each each I’ve made a new dress for the first day of school and also for picture day.  This past year has been a little crazy though, I’ve been so busy trying to work and keep current that I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of the last year with them.

Its been new project, new baby, cool writing gig (thanks Claire!), wholesale agreement, busy, busy, busy!  I love it but I want a little of these smiles, unhurried before I go onto the next venture and they go to school.  This weekend I will be enjoying my girls before they go back, and frantically cranking out a dress or two!


2 thoughts on “Dressmaking time

  1. Liz, The dresses are so cute! Don’t you just love sewing for little girls?
    Our Granddaughter, Kylee, age 8, and grandson, Kaleb, 6, are spending the weekend with us. I think we will do some sewing… both of them can sew a little and love to do it. Kylee wants fairy wings for her American Girl doll. We will see what we can do with some chenille stems and sheer fabric.
    Have fun with your girls!

    • I LOVE sewing for my girls! I just bought them a machine second hand that I need to post about, they sewed bags from felt and it was so easy. I would love to see pictures of the girls projects when you are done. Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for commenting!

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