Taking time…

Hey there,

I wanted to take the time to express a few things to those of you who have been following or participating in the “25 Project”.

Each item sent is on my mind until it’s finished, I juggle each one in my mind playing with different ways to reinterpret what it is you have sent.  This takes time.  I have a busy and creative mind and the 25 Project is fuel for my fire.  I won’t give away what I’ve been thinking about but I will tell you that if you sent me something, I’m thinking about it until it goes back to you, every day.

There is much to consider….for instance, in Stacy’s project she sent me ephemera from her travels.  I thought long and hard about how to narrate the qualities of memorabilia that are so many and varied…wallpaper from her home, the first renovation project, the sweet consideration of her stepdaughter to have an extra special room, with lovely wallpaper that whispers up the walls, journal paper from a honeymoon and postcards and maps from all over the world.  That’s a lot of emotional material, not just physical material.

I had thought about making a journal, a wine journal, stationary, a book, and while those are all nice ideas – they didn’t capture the compilation of all Stacy’s memories of traveling and home.  Home.  Ah ha!  A home!  A home to “come home” to, so she may revisit the memories in little bits here and there, the hot air balloons that float by her home, the Eiffel tower being that basket that carries them away, the gallery inside the home to peek at and try to remember which postcard did this come from?  The map on the floor with a little mark of where they went.  This wrapped it all up for me.  Imagine if I had not  had the time to think about how to work with what she sent.

Some of you may see that I have been selling a few items on Etsy.  This has been taking too much of my time.  Time to photograph, time to list, time to write, time to make….time taken away from what I really love to do, play with my girls, work on my 25 Project, make art, sew a few things….so I’m taking time off from Etsy to focus on those things.

If you are local you may buy some of my totes and cozies at Beacon Hill Wine and Gourmet here in Melrose.  I will be working on some things for the holidays so I am taking the time to work on that, more later on, perhaps October.

Until then please come back next week for a peek at what the 8th project is in the “25 People, 25 Bucks, 25 pieces of Art” is.




3 thoughts on “Taking time…

  1. It’s so good just to sometimes focus on the things that matter. Good for you Liz. I will be checking out all your projects. You have a true creative heart and I admire you so much for that. Jane xx

  2. Hydrangeas are just the best aren’t they? I wish the white ones were in my garden instead of the local park, but at least we can go and see them easily. I am biased but yes my boy is the best, he really is a sweetheart too x

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