Project #7 complete!

If you want to see what Stacy sent me you may see it here in a previous post.

So originally I was going to make a sort of scrap book for Stacy, but as I rifled through the items she sent I felt it needed to be more unique than that.  I know that home is important to her so I felt the translation directly to house would be appropriate.

I used the wallpaper she gave to me for the outside of the house and roof.

And then I took some of the imagery from the postcards to make shrubs, and some “stained glass” windows.

This imagery on the back which reminded me of air balloons…it’s part of a painting on a post card and part Eiffel Tower.

Additionally I wrote  and drew on the wallpaper to enhance the floral vine motif and used some of Stacy’s own words from her note to me.

This one reads “It would be so nice for them to have a life of their own”

And this one is “We as a family all come together to reconnect and play”

And when you open the door you are greeted with this one

This is my favorite, “It is half sanctuary for our family and friends and half party house”, perfect!

I love the sentiment in so much of what she had to say, it was hard to pick just a few to work with.

And of course like any proper “dollhouse” there has to be an inside as well, so come on inside the front door….

I wanted her to be able to access the second floor so I made it so that the roof could be lifted a bit to peek inside to see the artwork on the walls and the “carpet” on the floor.

And this gingerbread trim is from stationary she kept from her honeymoon in Africa, I left just a hint of it so she could see where it came from and I feel this really wrapped up the piece.

and a detail of it here,

I couldn’t resist the urge to make it so the house could be lit from inside to enhance the cozy feel of home, so I put in some LED lights that she can switch out when she needs new ones.


This one took the longest to make and may have been the hardest because the details are so tiny, I spent so many hours peering over images that I felt blinded afterward.  The hardest part may have been selecting images to use that I had to guess were more meaningful than others.  It is tempting when someone sends me something to use ALL of it, but selecting and editing are key points in making art, if I used everything nothing could be said because there would be no focal point.   I think this turned out nicely, I hope you do too!


8 thoughts on “Project #7 complete!

  1. You are just unbelievable! I absolutely love seeing the different things you’ve created! They have all made me smile! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. I am constantly amazed by my wife’s creativity! With so many responsibilities and so little time, she’s somehow able to find the mental and physical energy to generate all these ideas and make great work!

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