Hey there

So it’s been a busy time here, I’ve been filling orders, chasing children, finishing up Stacy’s project, and trying to focus…focus…focus.

I’m trying to decide what I want to make for the holiday season…it’s not easy, as I really love to paint, but also really love to sew…they don’t mix too well, or maybe they do?  Maybe I can work on painting on bags?  Print on bags?  Paint on print on bags?  Did I ever tell you that my mother and sisters are obsessed with bags but I treat them shabbily and just toss anything in there without any regard at all for what may happen to it?  Yep. like I let a whole bottle of water leak in one (good thing I used outdoor grade material that really was water resistant, excellent accidental choice), a cream cheese bagel half eaten by my toddler, and coupons, which in turn got all gummy and disgusting, thank god I actually have some respect for my wallet or else any money I had would have suffered.  So needless to say I make things that I, personally would treat badly so if I made it for you it will probably last, cause it has to go through me first. 🙂


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