Ta Da!!! Project number 6, grandma Susan, complete!

You may see what Susan sent me here, in a previous post.

I knew even before I got Susan’s package, that no matter what it was I was going to make a doll from it…I bet Susan has every doll she’s ever owned, and then some.  Susan even brought home a doll someone had left on the sidewalk and cleaned it up to give to the girls, she would never turn her back on a doll 😉

I thought getting canvas like this would make it super easy!  But not so much, this stuff was hard to work with – it kept fraying but I was up to the challenge, of course!  At first I was just going to make the doll and paint on it, but as I was letting the girls paint their sneakers I thought “Hey, the girls can paint on it and I can make the doll from that!”  I know Susan is going to love this because she loves the girls so much and this will make this doll even more special to her. Here are the girls painting the bags, this is Millie, she was in charge of the back and the arms,

And this is Annabelle, in charge of the front and the legs.

Here is the doll, now formally known as “The Grandma Susan Doll”!

And here she is in her dress, which I made from fabric that Susan had given me a while back that was part of an unfinished dress she was making for one of the girls, I really love these prints…and I used my new ruffler, which is I now love, no more basting and pulling!

And some close ups of the doll’s body,

Front, and legs by Annabelle

It says “I love Grandma, From Annabelle”

and the legs, which say “I love you”

And the back, by Millie

It says “I love you Grandma” and “Love, Millie” is at the top.

Here is the face, and I tried to put earrings on her, they are little hearts but hard to see – Susan always wears earrings.

But she isn’t finished yet!  We had some rope left over from the bags, and Annabelle said that the Grandma Susan doll needed a hula hoop – Susan can hula hoop like no one I’ve ever seen, it’s amazing!  I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw her do it, she was better and I was when I was 6!

here is the making of the hula hoop, annealed wire, rope and fun yarn…

And the finished hula hoop

This was a super fun, totally gratifying project.  I hope you like her Susan!


6 thoughts on “Ta Da!!! Project number 6, grandma Susan, complete!

  1. of course she is going to LOVE it! it is so adorable. i can’t decide my favorite part. i think the girls writing on the front and back. and of course her hair!

    • Thanks Sue! Susan has hair just like it – it was the only thing I actually purchased for the project and I scoured the yarn store for just the right colors, so thanks for noticing!

  2. I LOVE my doll! I love everything about her — particularly the fact that every part of her bursts with creativity. The hula hoop is priceless. I can’t wait to bring her home. Thank you Millie and Annabelle for making my doll so special!

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