Project number 4, complete!

So for Sue’s project she sent me some of her daughters baby clothes, you may see this on my previous post.

Baby clothes are awesome, they are cute and small and have great colors, and are usually cotton.  I looked at them and thought I wouldn’t have enough material for a whole blanket of squares but that yo’s yo’s would be perfect.  Not familiar with the history of the yo yo quilt?  You can read up on it here and see some great pictures too,

Here are some pictures of the yo yo’s in progress.

Although baby clothes are small I found that I ended up with a LOT of material, but I wanted to focus in on the frog element.  My friend Sue loves frogs and her daughters clothes had some adorable applique of them on the clothes, so I cut them out and re-appliqued them to a quilt, here it is!

This is the front, I put it on Eloise’s crib to show the scale, it’s a great baby blanket size, about 34″x34″.

And here is the back

I thought that frogs and lily pads go hand in hand and that also lily pads look a lot like hearts, so it made a nice reference to love.

Some details of the frogs and I used the yo yo’s as accent pieces, although my original idea was to do a whole bunch of them in a more traditional way, but this was more appropriate and well, fun!

I really love the colors, they are very soothing and the frog and snail graphics are adorable, and even though the fabrics I used weren’t from the same line, they all had a similar feel to them and it worked out great in the end.  But I wasn’t done yet as I had a lot of material left over, and I was playing with what I’d had left…so meet FrankenFrog.

I made him from a sleeve, a foot and some scraps from the quilt I made for Sue.  He’s stuffed w/barley so she can put him in the microwave (2 mins) or freezer to make a compress for boo boos.  Or you can use FrankenFrog for bean bag toss, or whatever, he’s pretty much my favorite thing ever…even more than the quilt, maybe.

Look at what’s still left over though, and as I go through it I find even more cool things to make from the scraps (but I’m stopping now, because I really need to move on to the next project!), look at this adorable yellow ruffle, with the yo yo’s wouldn’t that make the cutest headband?

….but alas I haven’t the time left to make anything else, so this will all go back to Sue if she wants and perhaps in the future there could be more things to make.


11 thoughts on “Project number 4, complete!

  1. OMG!!! you are freakin amazing! I cannot stop laughing about franken frog! can’t wait to see him in person. the quilt is beautiful. thank you so much. when you said you were making yoyo’s i thought the toy…shows you what i know. if you want to keep the fabric it is up to you. i don’t know what to do with it. LOVE my project!!

    • I’m so glad you like it! Yeah, FrankenFrog is pretty awesome…I kinda hate to let him go but he’s yours! I may make some like him from my girls things too. It’s going to be in the mail Friday. xo

  2. Love it!!!!
    you give me so many ideas! Can you give me some time too? I used to save stuff, but now I’m getting worse because I’m seeing what you make and thinking what I could do with things, like the boys older cute T’s, my sweaters, and so on.
    Sue you’re very lucky to get this one. Beautiful.

    • LOL! I’ll give you time if you give me time, lol! I’ve been up all hours on this thing and my baby wakes up every day at 5 AM! I get so many crazy ideas too, and this project has been an amazing outlet for that. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to get started on yours…xo

  3. Liz, you are sooo talented!!! I love Franken Frog….and so will the receiver of this most heartfelt work! Congratulations on yet another awesome project!!!

    • Thanks Deb! I’m really glad Sue likes it, I can’t wait to get it to her so she can see it in person. I may have to make some more FrankenFrogs and put them in my Etsy shop.

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