Sue’s project

Okay, I HAVE A KEYBOARD NOW!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I’ve missed you my lovely MAC!  I really, really, really hated using Adam’s laptop, it was like working in the dark between the dimly lit screen and letters missing from the keyboard, and it’s only one year old.

So.  As promised, pictures of Sue’s baby clothes she sent me, so cute.  THe little pink and white polka dot number was her going home outfit, and you should see how adorable her daughter Amy is, her smile is so freaking adorable I find myself laughing every time I see a picture of her on Facebook.
Here you go, of course all of these are now disassembled and pasted up on my black wall in my studio – I’m hoping it will be done by next week but it’s a lot of handwork and I only get so much time all at once with three kids and a husband who works killer hours, but it’s also a REALLY nice break from the daily grind.  The thing I like about handwork is I can watch TV without guilt because I can sit and stitch and watch something I never got a chance to before, last night was “Basketball Diaries” awesome.

My favorite is the yellow one, and can you tell Sue loves frogs?  Honestly I think I could make a whole bunch of stuff with this but I have to keep it at one or two items because I could just go on and on….I’m taking this whole reusing thing to a new level, can’t wait to show you!

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