Trash score!

There are at least 2 people today who will appreciate this find as much as I do – my BFF Andy, who lives in FL and my MIL, Susan, who lives in NYC.  Both Andy and Susan are trash pickin’ girls after my own heart!  So this score is pretty sweet.  It’s a steamer trunk, I’m not sure when it dates from but it looks fairly old and in super shape.  And it’s such an unusual size…I wonder what it was used to transport?

The best part about this trunk is that it is really tall – its about 3 feet high and narrow. This will be perfect for my hallway or at the end of my bed.  After I clean it up of course.

Check out the cool hardware on this…I still can’t believe someone threw it out.

I was able to open it when I put it in my minivan (one more reason to love my minivan, i can cram trash finds in it) but I think I jammed it…but believe me I’ll get this baby open!


7 thoughts on “Trash score!

  1. It reminds me of Harry Potter…and that is the ultimate compliment! I want that piece of trash! Total score- absolutely love love love it!

  2. it’s crazy that someone would throw this away!…i have one similar to this one that my grandmother brought when she came her from Italy in the 30’s…it was one of the best things that she ever gave me…it still has the port stickers on it too!

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