Labels, labels, labels…what’s yours?

Over at Scoutie Girl Blog Tara does “We Scout Wednesdays” she asks a question and you are free to answer and link back to Scoutie Girl.  I love this because I find my own questions to be boring sometimes…

Anyhow, the question this week is “Labels, What’s Yours?”.
This is an excellent question!  When someone asks me what I do (which is rare, because honestly I usually have some small person next to me pawing at my dress for my attention, so it’s pretty clear what I do MOST of the time) I usually answer I’m an Artist.  But then they ask me what KIND of Artist.  Boy, go and get all particular on me why don’t you?  Don’t you know I can’t pin myself down?  Isn’t that obvious?   Well, I had to have some biz cards made up over at MOO (I love MOO check them out) and I had to come up with something…but everything made me feel like an imposter – like “Creative Consultant” or “Designer” or even “Artist” – that last one seemed way too much in print even tho it’s the shortest.

So Adam and I came up with this “Thing Maker” I think this is the closest I’ll ever get to defining and labeling what I do.  I don’t take myself too seriously and neither should you!  Well, if you want to take yourself seriously then fine, just don’t take me seriously because if you do it might make me laugh more.

What do you Do?  Do you feel you can sum yourself up with one title?

5 thoughts on “Labels, labels, labels…what’s yours?

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  2. “Thing Maker” is great! But don’t you get just as many questions as with “artist”? I just say artist, if anyone asks, which opens up the conversation for me to briefly explain my work and give out a business card.

    • You know what? No one has questioned this yet, they just laugh! I think it lets me off the hook a little bit. Since I change what I make, depending upon what I’m working on at the moment, this really summed it up for me…but talk to me in two years and see what I say then 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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