Tuesday Tea

This tea pot was my Nana Noonan’s.

I miss my grandmother and think of her often.  I was thinking of her yesterday because I had one of those memories – you know, the sudden ones?

Well I remembered how she reused her tea bags, so I decided to try it and boy was that some weak tea!

I’m lucky to have this teapot so I can think of her and wonder how in the heck she ever drank from the same tea bag all day long.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tea

  1. the set is so pretty. you would never make it through the day with one tea bag and 3 kids! hope you have a good day!

    • Ha ha!!! Sue, you are so right, I would never make it! But my nana had FOUR children! But I also believe she had the wooden spoon as her disciplinarian…..

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