My favorite sewing tip

For me, sewing is a great tool but I’m utilitarian in this aspect and not into the patterns and finer points in sewing, they just frustrate and confuse me.

Over on Sew Mama Sew they are looking for sewing tips that you can’t do without.
The one thing that drove me crazy about sewing was the hunching over at the table, ugh, how awful!  It hurt my back and makes my feet swell if I do it too long.

My favorite sewing thing?

Putting bed risers on my table

and putting my sewing machine on top of a box, so I can sew while standing.

I wouldn’t do it any other way!


10 thoughts on “My favorite sewing tip

  1. my favorite sewing tip– you know how you’re left with lots of tiny little thread when you’ve ripped out a seam? use a rubber cement pick-up (a little rubbery square you can buy at an art supply store) to rub along the fabric and it’ll pick up almost all the little threads. it can save HOURS of your time!

  2. oh, thebed risers is a great idea! Whenever I do a lot of cutting all at once my back hurts so bad from hunching over! I am going to have to get some of these!

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  4. My husband cut pieces of PVC pipe that fit over the bottoms of my table legs. This raises the table to the right height for me and is a real back saver. The pipe can be purchased at any home improvement store and can be cut to any length you need. Happy sewing.

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