Making Garden Stones

This is one of those boxed projects that, as an artist, I try to stay away from because I know I can do it without buying a “kit”…but sometimes, frankly this is just a whole lot easier to have it all in one box..or so I thought!  This kit is misleading…there are no molds included and you are supposed to sculpt the shapes on the plastic mat – yeah, right!  Oh and make it in ten seconds bc it dries really fast…even though there is supposedly “New! extra drying time” I disagree since the girls were yelling “Mom!  I can’t write my name!” about ten seconds after I poured it out for them…hmmm….good thing I happen to know a thing or two about mixing cement, “Enchanted Garden Stones”!

Anyway, that aside, this was a super cute project as I was at the ready w/my own home-made molds made from plastic containers lined with parchment paper and extra glass baubles that I found on sale at Michaels, score!  We also used one of those silicone molds that are made for cupcakes (and since there is no way I am putting silicone in an oven and ever eating anything made from that, this also made a nice mold for mini stones) for fairies, of course.

And we had a little extra cement so a play kitchen bowl worked great for this smiley face made by Annabelle, great idea I think!

But the super duper cutest thing is that my oldest daughter, Annabelle, believes in fairies so she wrote them this note and left some of the pretty glass baubles for them all wrapped up in the yard, here she is writing the note and leaving it for them…she is hoping to bait them into coming into her room tonite.

How cute is this girl?  The note says

“Dear Fairies,

This is for you.

They are called Shiny Stones.

Please take them to fairy land.

Love, Annabelle”

Here is a picture of the note in the yard;

We were going to put these in the garden today but it’s going to rain so the follow up for this will have to be after the rain has passed, not a good idea to put freshly poured cement things outside lest they become brittle and break (no mention of that in the KIT, tho!  hmph!).  I will follow up with pictures of this when it’s safe to put them out.


6 thoughts on “Making Garden Stones

  1. Thanks for the tips. I bought the kit a few months ago and it is sitting inthe closet waiting for us. Your girls did a great job!

  2. These are a lovely idea.WeI have a brick built trough in our garden that is crying out for something like these, may have to have a go! I have a son so we don’t have the fairy thing but my niece has been writing to the tooth fairy for years!
    Jane : )

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