Measure twice, cut once

I found these really great bright colored rugs at the Christmas Tree Shop, they were really cheap, but way too small so I figured I would just sew them together.

When I initially started thinking about doing this I thought I was pretty crafty, I wanted something to brighten up my kind of dark livingroom but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  This sounds easy, right?

I was drawn to the bright colors and I don’t mind taking a chance, so what the heck?  Plus I wanted to pull in some of my other bright colors and sort of anchor my space with a splash of bright color.  I also found snagged some awesome pillows from Liberty of London and the colors really work with them.  Oh, and I do realize this rooms needs a new color on these walls…I’m working on that and suggestions are welcome, please!

Let me forewarn you – this is how NOT to do this!  I will do this again, but next time I won’t do it at the end of a really long day taking care of three wonderful, spirited children, oh and I’ll plan better next time too, “Measure twice, cut once”.

I used my zig zag stitch on them, which worked GREAT, so easy…but that’s where success left me on this project…

Measure the rugs, make sure they are all if not perfectly the same size, at least KIND OF the same size…look at my masterful matchup job here, yikes!!!

I cut the fringe off the ends, DONT do that!  Or at least if you must cut off the fringe, do it ON TOP of the knot, not under, cause, they unravel when you do that…fast!  This seems so obvious now…..

Other than that, honestly, this is a great idea, super cheap and really cute.  I am able to hide all the damage by putting most of it under this cedar chest, another reason to love this piece of furniture, it willingly hides my flaws.

I almost didn’t post about this project because it wasn’t successful, and then I realized that I am nothing if not flawed, so why not?  If I can’t laugh at myself how can I laugh at you when you tell me how much you screwed up a project?


10 thoughts on “Measure twice, cut once

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