25 People 25 Bucks 25 Pieces of Art, Day 1

Today is the first day of the 25 Project.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin!  The first person to send me something was Maureen and she did it over a month ago – I wasn’t expecting any packages yet so I basically tore into it thinking it was something I’d scored off of Etsy….and it was WAY better than that!  Maureen sent me almost everything she had in her junk drawer leaving it to me to single out one collection, what a great peek into someones life…

Here is a look at what Maureen sent;

Note the Garfield I heart Liberty pin

Remember these?  I think we all had them on our fridge at one point, my fave here is “pither”

When I got to this collection is looks alarmingly like the things I, myself have collected, esp the antique brass doorknob and also a plug, you can’t see it here very well, but it’s beautiful, I’ll try to get a close up later on.

some beautiful stamps and paper ephimera from Denmark, I love those little dutch girls!

Some sketches by her son, I too had a thing for graph paper back in the day…And she sent this

NOTE to all you moms out there!  Save notes like this!  This literally brought tears to my eyes, how sweet is this???  This needs to be in a small frame on Maureen’s desk, agreed?

In the end I decided to go with this collection of pottery shards Maureen has been collecting for the past 30 years, this is what I had been hoping someone would send me…they are useless on their own but something about them is so enticing…

look at the beautiful shades of blue and white and how old are some of these shards?  I can see myself collecting something like this and keeping it, not knowing what I’ll make of it but ultimately putting it away in a drawer and never doing anything with it.  I have plans for these babies!  I started working on them a little bit but needed to purchase a few things for it…I’ll update you with what I’ve made when it’s finished.


3 thoughts on “25 People 25 Bucks 25 Pieces of Art, Day 1

  1. Good luck with the project Liz.
    Please take photos of the creative process – would love to see the steps and the final masterpiece 🙂

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