Spring planting inspiration

We are in the process of digging up some blueberry plants and moving them because they don’t get enough sun where they are, that means I now have a lovely space right outside of my studio that is begging for some perennial flowers and plants!  As I peruse the internet for ideas I get dizzy from the requirements of the plants…but that just lends to the search for my perfect perennial plantings.  I thought I would post some ideas for plants here, if any of  you have ideas and have some favorites I would love to know!  Zone 6 can be tricky I hear!

Hardy blue passion flower, which in fall has fruit that can be made into tea, bonus!!!

Apricot Princess Rose as a ground cover, to attract the butterflies

Some Peoni flowers because who doesn’t love them?

I was thinking I would also plant dill, coneflower and chamomile for an herb garden, possibly basil as well, but does basil self seed?

If anyone has any favorites and you are in New England let me know what you like, I would love some ideas!  I should mention that when it comes to planting flowers I don’t believe in color schemes…in nature everything goes together in my book!


10 thoughts on “Spring planting inspiration

  1. Liz- I have the following in my garden and all are thriving:

    ( Back yard/ full shade)
    Sweet Woodruff

    Front Yard( full/partial sun)
    Day Lilies
    Dwarf Iris
    Standard ( big?) Iris
    Bee Balm
    Sweet Pea
    Shasta Daisies ( watch out! They spread like crazy)
    Beach Roses ( up near the street- the soil is more sandy up there)
    Native Geraniums

    • wow Bern! that is an impressive list!!! I would love to see pictures of your garden, it sounds beautiful! like the idea of Beach Roses, they are one of my favorite, they might make a nice plant for the sidewalk areas.

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