Thinking about things and how to make them

So the 25 Project is up and coming.  I have been thinking about all the different methods of making things, all the different ways to craft and all the things I may get in the mail soon….I won’t lie….this is a little daunting at this point!  Each night I think – will someone send me a box full of pennies?  GOD, what would I do with a box full of pennies?!?!?  It’s pretty much my worst nightmare…and if you are participating in this project, please, please don’t send me pennies!  They would cost a bundle to ship and frankly they are so heavy that next to smelting them I don’t know what I would do!

In my moments of “what am I going to do?  Can I pull this off?”  I realize that I most certainly CAN.  I also realize that I learned so many ways to do so many things at art school and just through life that I now will have the opportunity to actually use some of the techniques I’ve learned and I am relishing that!

So to give some of you an idea of the techniques I’ve learned along the way I made a list.  I’ll be honest and say this feels a bit like bragging to me (my husband would say this is my Catholic guilt getting the best of me, he might be right) and not at all natural but here it goes…it might help some of the people in the project to know I am in fact capable of turning their collections into art.

Okay, my skillzzz list:

Make stained glass


Make baskets

Sew – clothes, quilts, and even shoes!

Paint, oil and watercolor

Steam shirts ( will this help me?  no.  But I worked in a laundry while in High School and this was my job, it was hard, and HOT.)

Ceramics pottery, sculpture, mosaics (My BFA is in ceramics)

Mold making


Bronze casting

Simple carpentry

Stone and plaster carving

Book making

Simple Jewelry making

So  that’s my list, I’m sure there are others but that’s all I can think of for now. Now I am ready for the challenge, I can’t wait to get started!


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