More Egg goodness! AND my first give away!

I admit it, I could take pictures of eggs all day…I think Easter might be my favorite holiday bc I love the eggs…I especially love the subtle color variances…

I could shoot forever.  I also love that this Easter is going to be WARM!  HURRAH!  We do an Easter egg hunt w/the girls and it’s usually freezing, this year, it’s supposed to be 70 out, lets hope bc we are all going out anyhow, lol!

Okay here are some pics of the eggs we made today, we invited some of the girls friends over and did another batch of silk tie eggs, can you guess what kind of a tie we used for this one?

Post a comment by midnight April 5 to this post and I will randomly select someone to get a free bunny softy from the cashmere sweater I scored this past week…hey, bunnies are in all Spring, not just Eeaster right?

Along with the eggs…you can also add a little oil to your egg dye – we used canola oil – and you can marbleize the eggs or even just go for it all random (this is the best approach w/the under 8 set) and it makes for a beautiful egg!

See the oil on the top of the dye?  Isn’t that pretty?  Just add about 1 tbs to it, easy!

And check out the crafty goodness from my girls…I’m a proud momma today bc they did this all themselves!

Can you see a color palette developing here?  I approve!


16 thoughts on “More Egg goodness! AND my first give away!

  1. Wow, your eggs are so fun and cute! I really want to dye some now!!
    It is suppose to rain here this weekend, but I really hope sunday morning is sunny as we usually have our egg hunt outside!
    hope you have a good easter! 🙂

  2. W-wait, that silk tie dyeing, it really works? How?! the results are amazing! Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before? And why do I suddenly get an urge to paint eggs?

    I’m serious. those are Beautiful!

  3. I’m going to raid my Dad’s 70’s tie collection for next year to try this! I love the patterns and know there are some crazy ones in that closet! Happy Easter for you, A and the girls!

  4. Hi Liz! Stopping back by and just wondering if you can use the tie more than once, or if once it’s boiled all the dye is transferred?

    They are amazing either way.

    Thanks and Happy Easter!

    • Excellent question! Yes, you may use them again and again, how cool is that? AND i found out if you use more vinegar the color is stronger.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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