Okay, eggs, easter bunnies and spring!

How about an adorable bonnet for your cutie pie?  How about one from a super cute name like, AnabelFuzz?  Check out Kirsten of Anabel Fuzz’s Etsy Shop, oh, and they are reversible too!

How about some lovely crayons?  shaped like bunnies and chicks?  and they are less than $5 for 12!  Check them out here on Color Fun’s shop on Etsy!

And these super cool caps by Mister Nutter of Etsy are fab for cyclists, thanks Mo for sharing!

And lastly, I tried this craft from Martha Stewart and I am telling you – it works!  You really CAN dye eggs with old ties!  And frankly, the uglier the better!  Dark blue ended up being light blue and Maroon was pink.  I’ll be posting pics of the ones we made later on this week….as we will be dying eggs all week since I am now obsessed with different ways to decorate eggs…if you have new technique let me know!


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