Something I’ve held onto part 2

This is a follow up post from my previous entry “Something I’ve held onto”.

From that one sweater I have enough fabric for many bags or other little things.

I can see why artists like Betz White and Mimi Kirchner use upcycled materials…for very little money you can get a lot from one item that lost its luster for one person, only to be inspiring for someone else.

I looked through my own collection of antique buttons, anxious to use them in this project, but in the end I used the original buttons because they really seemed the most appropriate.

One of the wonderful qualities of felt is that it doesn’t have to be hemmed.  You may cut away and in many cases you may leave it as is, or get creative with the edging.  Additionally you may hem felted wool but in this case I opted to simply trim it close, it looked nice and neat and kept the bulk minimal.

You can see how I lay them out for assembling here,

And some detail shots of the bags, the photos could be better, this reminds me to buy a macro lens for my camera,

My girls love them and now they are in their desks, which I also found in the trash, you can see one here in this photo, to the right, the little green school desk; and they are using them for sewing bags.

I would love to know what you think of this project – does this inspire you to make new things from old things?

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