learning to sew

How do you teach little girls things that

a) They really are too young to learn, you think and

b) that you mostly taught yourself?  And you don’t know how you did it?

ah ha!

Plastic canvas.  I bought this lot of plastic canvas at a church thrift store about a month ago.  I got a whole box of it for $1.  What does one do with plastic canvas?  Well, you make tissue box covers…and learn how to sew in a straight line…straightish…line…lineish….

I told them if they could stitch in a straight line I would allow them to pick more embroidery floss and do a simple pattern…embroidery floss is lovely to look at and hold, especially to 4 and 6 year olds.  I gave the girls a crewel needle, which is made from metal but large like the plastic yarn needle.  I wanted them to learn that the needles were sharp, and appreciate that, but also I didn’t want them to hurt themselves.  The crewel needle worked great.

Here they are working hard.  I told the girls if they can be quiet and not cry or complain in my studio (god, I would do anything if they could accomplish this one thing!) I would teach them to make their own bags from felt…and someday maybe even use my machine.  At this rate it’s probably never going to happen but I have to say they did a really great job, better than I had expected and it allowed me some time to work on the sweater project.

Below are some pics of the girls hard at work, look at their intent little faces…such focus!

Here is my eldest, Annabelle who is six…she didn’t miss a single stitch.  And below her is Millie, who is four and is quite capable for her age…and ambitious!

And here are their finished works, a bird for Annabelle and a flower for Millie.

Beautiful!  I also wouldn’t let them give up and move onto something else, I really want them to learn to finish their projects…even when it gets boring bc the feeling of completing it is so important.


4 thoughts on “learning to sew

  1. What an adorable project! You will have to post more as they keep learning. It looks like they can already do a better job than me with sewing!

    Thanks so much for the help with the wood blocks on my blog. I just love your tips! Can’t wait to try them out.

    Take care!

    • Katie, Thank you for stopping by my blog! You are very welcome on the tips…you can also buy wood panels but it is pricey, I like your approach better.
      I will be posting more of the girls, they were so excited to use real needles, lol!

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