Liz Links aLot

Round Up!

Support Love By Annie Pants, you may find her Etsy shop here

Some of the coolest repurposed items I have seen, anatomy on dinner plates from Folded Pig, you can find her shop here.

Thinking about the “F word” in art, Fashion

TT Baum and Michael Grohall are Confronting Perceptions of Same-Sex Marriage.  Check out the work here if you want to challenge your idea on what marriage should be, if you want a more intimate dialog on G&L issues…they affect everyone.  I could talk about this for hours but you’d get more from just check this out, I especially like the “PDA, Public Displays of Affection” cheeky, provocative and intelligent.

25 Ways to clean w/baking soda, nice.

A little story about the cement duck who lives on my street. Man, I love where I live.

From Japan With Love.  Cool Japanese stuff, you can find almost everything here (no, really – you can!) and get your fix.

Adorable weird little felt animals by Talkproof.

Oh man, Helle Jorgensen’s coral crochet…you have to go and take a look at this here

From Roger Ebert’s journal on Shodekeh the beatboxer, I follow him on Twitter – highly reccomend.

Up with boredom!  A nicely written piece on why we should let our kids play by themselves…I agree with this on many levels.

I put 2 new rewards up on my Kickstarter project, you may see them here:

Oh man, this company is called “Chowdaheadz” I’m allll over this and they are doing a buy one get one free.


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