Data recovery

That’s what is on my mind right now.  Yesterday morning I started up my Mac only to have it NOT start.  We brought it to the Mac Store, they replaced the hard drive because it’s broken.  Now I need “Data recovery” to save all my photos and videos of my girls…trying hard not to let the lump in my throat get to me right now.
What this DOES do is remind me to BACK UP my computer….it’s been about 2 years.  I have an online account that does this for me but I had turned it off bc my Mac was running so slowly and that was part of the problem, this time around I will use an external hard drive.

This also brings to my mind why we collect things.  Many of us, myself included, catalog memories with material things.  What usually sparks an interest in something is usually triggered by a memory….a certain smell, a certain color, a knick-knack that reminds us of someone or some time in our lives.  So this bump in the road will help me with my 25 Project, which is also about collecting, to remember the value in our triggers.  When I look at a picture of one of my babies, or one of my grandparents, I remember their voice, smell, warmth of their embrace, the way they dressed and I let the memory wash over me….it’s a wonderful thing to be able to reconnect to a certain time in your life simply by looking at, or touching, something, isn’t it?

So this weekend was not spent working on Piano Rolls bc the imagery I wanted was on my hard drive…but it will force me to use new imagery, which I will work on.

This also made me work on something I’ve been holding onto since my grandmother passed away 10 years ago, I held onto some of her clothing bc I couldn’t bear to let it go, but she was very petite, a little over 5 feet and I am 5’8″ so I couldn’t wear her clothing.  I have a burgundy wool sweater that I am remaking into something for my girls, look for the post on that this week.

And if you are reading this and know something about data recovery, please comment or shoot me an email.


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