Link round up

Okay here we go, another week another link round up!

Beautiful butterflies from Miles of Light up on Etsy

And more beautiful butterflies and also flowers made from paper by Marija of Momichka in her Etsy Shop

Our neighbor, Mike is in the music biz and he met up with this band, The Stand and they have a song entitled “Olivia”, he had them dedicate this song to her through – this is a great song and such a sweet thing to do, I had to share this.

Ghee Happy.  Oh my goodness.  My friend Lisa posted this on her Facebook page and I couldn’t believe my eyes…

A really great idea.   A scrapbook that goes from person to person through Kickstarter.  I love this, $1 is all you need to participate.

Make a book from recycled cereal boxes, brilliant.


2 thoughts on “Link round up

    • Thank you for stopping by! I love Momichka’s work too – she did my website for me, she’s talented! And I’m glad you like the cupcakes, I need to make a new Etsly listing! Liz

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