Butterflies in my window

The woman who did my blog, the talented Marija from http://momichka.blogspot.com/, also has an Etsy shop.  If you mosey on over to Marija’s shop you will find a glimpse of spring, where she sells her paper creations, cards, flowers, and butterflies.  Some she made with LED lights and others look best when lit with sunshine.

The butterflies in my window were something I ordered from Marija for a Chrysalis project I’m doing with the girls…that will be upcoming soon….but I also think these would make a great addition to an easter basket or maybe in a “get well” card for someone who is sick or perhaps for a friend who lives in a cold weather climate (like myself, tho this year in Massachusetts has been mild) as a reminder of spring.

Wouldn’t you love getting these in the mail?  If you are curious head on over to Marija’s Etsy shop here http://www.etsy.com/shop/momichka

Thank you Marija!


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