It’s link day


So to speak shoppe, I found them through she has a fantastic blog and this was one of her features this week, check out her blog to see photos of the shop, there is so much color and light and FUN in these photos…I saw myself making a million projects but this little hand made button really caught my eye…

Hand made moccasins.  HAND. MADE. With flowers.  Oh and the most beautiful sewing machine I have ever seen.  sigh.

The “Send a Postcard, Get a Postcard” folks from Kickstarter went and got a blog, yay!  I pledged to this project and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Creative Thursdays, an Artist and Blogger Marisa writes, teaches, makes whimsical, colorful, yet calm imagery, and inspires. In this post she writes about what inspires her.  Below is one of her paintings.

Again, me, shamelessly in my own round up – this time there’s a video!

Oh man, Knitted Knockers.  How can something be so funny, sad and sweet?  If you can knit you should do this, making prosthetics for women who are breast cancer survivors.

recycled grocery bag tutorial from Dana Made It…and it looks….like something I would actually pay money for!

Cool vintage inspired jewelry from Hazel and Harlow, my favorite is the cherub.

There is something a little sweet and a little odd about Julianna Swaney’s work…it has a victorian feel and also reminds me of Grimm’s Fairy Tales drawings


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