Valentines Day isn’t just for Lovers…

Its for Love.

Look at what my sister, who loves me and my kids so much and is so very, very,  good to me, sent us for Valentines Day.  It was as delicious as it was beautifully presented in a balsa wood box, which I will reuse, and a gorgeous pink satin bow, which I will also reuse.

That is a chocolate brownie in the shape of a heart from Dancing Dear Bakery, who also has a cute blog here.

There were a bunch of cookies that had a subtle coconut flavor and were frosted with the word LOVE, cute and tasty.  I would have included pictures but the girls and I ate them before I could take a picture, honestly they barely made it through the threshold of the kitchen.

Now, normally my sister gives my daughters cards and she is always very generous but we usually don’t exchange a gift.  I think this year was a tough year for both of us for many reasons and it made us both feel thankful for each other.

This year I sent my sister, Claire an eco coffee sleeve made by Karly from She Sews Lovely, she loves her Starbucks and we both like to try and be “green”, check it out, cool or what?  I wanted to give her something cute, but practical and this really fits the bill.

So it made me think – as my sister and I both thought to do a little extra this year for each other, Valentines Day shouldn’t just be for romantic love, but also for the many, many other kinds of Love.  Sister Love, is special, strong, trying, tethers you and is beautiful and lovely….and that is probably for another post entirely.


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