Valentines Day cards by kids

I’ve made it a personal policy not to buy cards for anyone.  Its not that I have anything against a pre-made card…its just that they never say what I want them to.

This Valentines Day I have a daughter in Kindergarten…with 23 Valentines to make and there was no way we were going to make that many cards, plus she has to write all of their names, quite the task for someone who just turned 6.  I decided to pass up the store bought ones after seeing this great one from Ellen on The Long Thread that she made with her daughter, you can find it here:

And we changed it a little, I had my older girls design their own, and make 3 or 4 original drawings, I scanned them and printed 6 to a page.  Honestly this was probably easier than arguing over My Little Pony or Sponge Bob Squarepants Valentines.  We also taped a lollipop to one side for Annabelle’s school and a pencil to Millie’s school because at preschool they don’t allow candy…probably a good call.

6 thoughts on “Valentines Day cards by kids

  1. I love this idea, we do birthday cards home made (and sometimes I use the covers from the cards rec’d in the past as postcard template or parts of the craft) and every year I have the girls make a thank you card that I scan, make multiple copies and send to holiday present givers. (Vista print is great for postcard size (read = cheap)

    We went with the store bought for Valentine’s for school. I wish I had seen this, it would have been a great afternoon craft! Next year! Oh and we are NO CANDY KINDERGARTEN! Not even a lollipop or else all the childs Valentine’s will be returned home. Party Poopers.

    • great idea to recycle old cards…I never did that until this year – I make gift tags out of them now, so easy. NO CANDY KINDERGARTEN??? Now that’s just unfair and taking things a bit far!

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