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Okay, Link round up.  I’m breaking it down two ways, section 1 is for Artsy Craftsy type stuff and section 2 is Social/Political.  I’m a political gal with a lot of opinions…but you don’t have to be for us to be friends 😉 feel free to skip that part and just enjoy the Art stuff or if you like to get a dialog going I’m all for it!


Birds playing guitar.  This is a performance piece that is part National Geographic and part Led Zeppelin.  Oddly soothing music but also has a rhythm to it…

and her site

Tess Farmer makes Teeny tiny evil fairy sculptures made from creepy stuff, this may make you cringe but also admire the artist for the stomach and imagination it took to create these.  I saw this first on and then went to Tess’s site, not for the easily creeped out, but it’s awesome.

Fancy shmancy hats???? YES PLEASE!!!  Sit back and imagine yourself in one of these beauties….I”m going for the folded silk and peacock one…

Ah, Ellen from The Long Thread again, as you may know, I love Ellen’s blog.  Here she has a list of free printable Valentine’s Day cards for kiddos, Thanks Ellen!

Marija from Momichka makes beautiful things from paper….and she also made this blog possible with her crafty computer skills 🙂

The Owls would make a beautiful addition to a quiet room or nursery and the paper scraps flowers would be lovely glued to a special box for gift giving.


Have an old bra that doesn’t fit but is in good shape?  Don’t throw it out, this program recycles bras for women and girls who need them…hey all the ladies I know, know how important it is to have the right foundation – imagine not being able to afford a new bra?  exactly.  send in your oldies but goodies.

This is titles “Raging Grannies” but it’s hardly that at all, just a cute video some older ladies made who clearly have been there, done that and don’t want the younger generations to get our rights stripped from us.  This is probably the funniest and charming plea for Womens Rights I have seen.  Worth 3 minutes of your day!

Okay, Funny Or Die can be so funny and also can be a little like a mallet with their message wielding…however Jack Black as Jesus is a soft slap in the face for people who may not be on the No H8, on Prop 8.  Very clever!

Can you imagine being in the Military and NOT having access to emergency contraception???  Is that not so freaking scary?  ALL women NEED access to this, period.  Vote peeps, vote.

As a parent I know how important it is for children to get play time…it encourages creativity and allows children to use their innate intuition…unfortunately a curriculum that is geared towards test scores doesn’t allow that.

Apparently this guy was an AIDS activist, which some other people think it makes it okay for him to smuggle child pornography.  I had to control myself from screaming at the computer many, many times reading this…very frustrating to think people actually believe this is okay.

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