A new use for an old thing that was almost headed for the curb

I have or rather, HAD a thing for pocket books.  I have a really cute collection of them, the problem is that there is not a good way to display them, I don’t use them any longer (can I fit a diaper in it?  will it be ruined if a half eaten biscuit is thrown in there?), but I can’t bear to give them away, I keep thinking at some point I will be using them again.

Anyhow, I found this little number some years back at a flea market, it’s made from woven plastic and it fits CD’s, which I love, but it’s not very practical.  Oh, and did I mention the lining is broken.  Yeah.  Oh, and the latch too, so it stays open all the time, very, very practical, no?  So what to do with a really cool old handbag that I have no use for?  AHA!  It makes a GREAT napkin holder!  I guess if I hold onto things long enough I will find a use for them.  


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