Link, Link, Link

So okay – I’ve moved on from collecting “stuff” but now I collect links *sigh* at least they only take up virtual space.  I’m breaking up the links round up to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I am working on a theme…any suggestions?

um, omg.  can you cook???  this is a great, great, great blog on yummy delights.  Think of this as a pictorial debut of some of your favorites with some nice words thrown in to make it spicy and sweet.  Yum.

Clothespin doll tutorial – this would make an excellent gift for anyone, kids and grown ups. I need one for my desk…anyone?  anyone?

This site is for folks in the Brooklyn area – like to do stuff?  Then check out my Father In Law, Bob Laurence’ site.  Oh, and he’s awesome.

cute baby shoes for a cause?  check!  50% of the profits go to the “Make a Wish” foundation.  i loved these for my daughter Millie and am going to get some for Miss Eloise.

and shop here

A Stitch In Dye….you crack me up and make me want to raid your home for all your lovely things….or maybe I can just hit up your Etsy Shop instead…either way…love!

I never write anything anymore but Smock Paper might make me change my mind…I have about 20 years of Thank You Cards to write.


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