A linky link link

Ah, I link, a LOT.  Here ya’ go…enjoy a nice mix of politics, jewelry and Art.

HILARIOUS project on Kickstarter – can you tell how much I love Kickstarter?  It’s about Shakers…kind of…it’s also kind of just about getting rid of “stuff”, which I like.  Worth 3 minutes for sure.


Like birds?  Like jewelry?  Then check out this adorable birdy pendant and giveaway.


Ah, the Long Thread.  I love Ellen at The Long Thread, she is humble and talented.  And Ellen shares.  A LOT.  Here is a cute idea for Valentines cards.


Grace Hester, A Designing blog with loads of great ideas and visually a pleasure.


I like to bake, occasionally, and when I do I like to check out this Blog from King Arthur.  Apparently they are based in Vermont and my friend Stacy says its worth a trip.


Occasionally I post about politics and soclial issues…here is one headline “Students fight rule banning balls in schoolyard”, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds…watch it on


A Mass Art Alum posted this, so I shared.  Equality people.  Not a difficult concept.


This, also, is as bad as it sounds:


Art from Barbie parts, thank  you Tina!


They were looking for links, and I found that this is a great creative resource, check out Todays Creative Blog.


Do links to this site count, YES!!  Questions about my project addressed here:



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