Take a look Tuesdays

There’s LOTS of great stuff out there to take a gander at that I am constantly posting on Facebook…well I have decided to post it here every Tuesday as well.  Take A Look Tuesdays, corny?  Maybe.  But you can see it here , a round up of the week of links to Art, Craft and Cool stuff.

An interesting pictorial of people riding the subway in Boston


A pagoda made of sugar (this is from 2008 but its still fantastic)


A book about sex, real sex in the making from Kickstarter.


A postcard project on Kickstarter, you can participate for only $1!


Donate to Haiti by buying handmade at an Indiefixx auction


Mod cool clocks by Chromalab


Drawings on magazines, I so want one of these!


The words of a sleeptalker, be prepared to lose it, this is hilarious!


Bacon!  Need I saw more?


A beautiful blog with sewing and crafting, the photography is beautiful, I feel relaxed just looking at it.


The Gocco press, check it out.


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