What we did with the table

Since I am embarking on the “What can you make from others trash” journey, I’m following up with the second part of the table I saved from the trash.

Okay, so we now have this table, with chalkboard paint and it’s all spiffy looking and new…what to do with it?

Well, we are now official owners of a table that lives in the garage most of the time but comes out for family gatherings (it really isnt in good enough shape for every day use but is perfect to put a LOT of people around) so I know this is post Thanksgiving but I thought the images of how we used the table were relevant to any gathering, really.  We will be breaking this out for Millie’s birthday party tomorrow….let’s hope we all make it….she’s the one with the super grin and she’s as devilish as she looks!


2 thoughts on “What we did with the table

  1. The table looks awesome 🙂 I really like your whole Thanksgiving setup.

    All the best with the big 25 People, 25 Pieces of Art project, and Happy Birthday to Millie!

    – Marija

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