Sir MixALot and I have something in common

You toss it,

and leave it,

And I drive up quick to retrieve it.

Found this really beautiful rock maple table in the trash last year, I was pregnant w/Eloise, chatting w/a neighbor and the trash men were coming down the street.  Pan to me, eyeballing this table, eyeballing the huge blue trash truck, bearing down upon us….I make a quick dash, drag this sucker across the street saving it from the landfill.

But it was in ROUGH shape…check it out….

But how could I just leave this table?  It worked, it was functional, it was ALL WOOD – do you know you can’t get that anymore???  Practically a crime to throw that out.  But what to do with it?

Enter new project.

Chalk paint.  AH, chalk paint….transforms any surface into a kids easel and has instant charm…also it hides flaws, consider it foundation for your furniture wreckage.  Coming soon pics from how we used this recycled beauty.


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