Time to make a studio

Okay so I have lots of “stuff” because I make all kinds of things…so I have a lot of material…and not a lot of room.  Enter the sun room makeover.  We have a beautiful room off of the diningroom and livingroom.  It is about 7 feet long by 30 feet.  About half comprises the home comupter/office and the other half is going to be my studio…when it stops acting as a dumping ground for everything else.

Adam hung up some french doors, that don’t fit perfectly but do act as a great buffer, I got two buffet tables and added height extenders on them intended for under-bed storage, it works great.  Then my wonderful husband installed a pine shelf all along the tops of the windows, I caulked and painted and there you have it  = a studio!

A fabric find I scored with my MIL doubles as a curtain and skirt for the table.

a wall is painted with magnetic paint – I was going to paint over this in pink but now I like the black bc it makes a fantastic background for photographing work.  ALso I hung some industrial lights, strung them together and plugged them into a power strip, which I placed on the floor, so I can turn it on with my foot 🙂

Here are some pics of the transformation in progress, click on them to enlarge. More to follow soon!


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