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Print your own fabric with kids

I had my girls make these sections of fabric for my mother in law for her birthday.  This would make an excellent gift for a sewist or quilter, or even to frame.

Supplies needed


glue gun

PFD muslin or fabric

Fabric paint or markers

First I had the girls draw a single design three times so we could have a few to choose from.
Tip: The simpler the better, printing with children can get messy!

I took a glue gun and simply covered the drawing with the glue.  After it dried I used scrap cardboard handles to make it easier to print with.
Tip: Trim close to the image so you don’t get overlap of color where it’s not wanted.

I had the girls paint directly onto the stamp and then press onto the fabric.  You can get 3 or more prints with each turn.  I don’t recommend dipping the ink with this kind of stamp, it’s too messy and the image doesn’t come through well.

Allow to dry and then color in (or leave blank) the image with fabric markers.

After it’s dry, through in the dryer for 30 minutes on high and you’re done!

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Snow Ice Cream!

I can NOT believe that I have lived in the Northeast almost my entire life and never made snow ice cream until last week.  I was skeptical that it would work, but it does and oh my goodness it is easy!  This is a really fun, easy thing to do with the kids.

I used this recipe from Paula Deen y’all!



Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.

We also made a batch with lemon extract and agave nectar added to the condensed milk, I think that tasted the best.

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A special birthday

Millie at age 1

My second daughter, Millie is turning 5 today….I honestly cannot believe it.  Millie was born at lunchtime 5 years ago, a few things stand out in my mind about that day – how I was really afraid I was going to deliver in the car, it was like giving birth to a rocket ship (after the slow, 36 hour labor I had with my first) Millie was born in 3 1/2 hours.   How quiet she was when born, and the midwife and doctor were worried, but I just knew she was fine; how much I loved her from the start and how HUNGRY I was when the dust settled, and all I wanted to eat was broccoli.

Some things about her birth day make a lot of sense, she is quiet and lovely and smart and beautiful, she has no patience (this may be -ahem – a genetic trait I’m afraid) and that girl looooooves to eat – even broccoli.

Seen here eating the present Auntie Claire sent – a chocolate covered fruit basket

So here is a peek at what I made for my sandwich girl (I call her that because I tell her all the good stuff is in the middle, like her).

A camera case, complete with cupcake details – I bought the felt for this from Material Evidence Shop,(http://www.etsy.com/shop/materialevidenceshop) it’s real wool felt, which is pricey but to be honest, after working with the real deal I’ll never go back to craft felt, unless it’s to make some kind of enormous Halloween costume. The lavender trim is vintage blanket binding from my stash.  This was a pattern I made myself by simply measuring out what I thought I needed.

This is the first time in a long time I’ve done any embroidery and I can tell already I’m pretty hooked.

Here is the other side, I used a blanket stitch on the “M”, clearly I need more practice here….

And I lined it with soft flannel so the lens doesn’t get scratched by the felt, even tho the felt is really soft, I took  an extra measure to ensure that won’t happen.  I hope she likes her gift, it is so nice to make something special for my sweet girl.

A baby prezzie

My sister had a baby in November, a beautiful little girl named Fiona.

The girls and I wanted to make something special for Fiona so this is what we came up with – personalized tshirts that the girls made.  This was super easy, Gerber baby t’s and some fabric markers, easy peasy.

The girls had a great time making these.  I know Fiona will look adorable in them!